Cutting The Cost Of Eating Healthy: One Meal At A Time

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Cutting The Cost Of Eating Healthy: One Meal At A Time

We have all heard that it is too expensive to eat all organic, or preservative free, or gluten free, or whole 30, and so on… and thus, eating healthy isn’t always an option for many.

In addition to making our healthier habits products and our homemade remedies and supplements, we also have been working on replacing some of our expensive grocery staples with homemade versions at a much cheaper cost.

Our daughter loves her gluten free organic oatmeal in the mornings, and we were buying boxes upon boxes of it on Amazon -it was the cheapest we could find.

Even though it was gluten free and organic, there were still things that bothered us about it.

  • Individually packaged items are always more expensive and have more packaging waste.
  • The single serve packets were too small for one to be enough, so we always used 2 per meal.
  • The microwave usage was bothering us, we really were trying to reduce our usage – and yes we could have cooked the packets on the stove, but somehow the packets themselves made it too easy to just use the microwave. Yeah, that is a weak excuse – bottom line we just got in the habit of nuking our oatmeal.




So, we set out to see if we could recreate our favorite oatmeal from scratch, and figured we could probably do it for much cheaper, with less packaging waste, in a quantity that fits our serving size, and as a mix that would force us to cook it on the stovetop.

What we found out through the process, is that making our own was hands down better for us. We were able to cut the per-meal cost from $1.20 down to approximately 63 cents. We also cut out all microwave usage in the making of our oatmeal, and dramatically reduced the packaging waste.




I know it isn’t a huge deal in the big picture of life, but it honestly feels pretty darn good to know that we are (in a small way) making a difference – in our budget, in our health, and for our planet.

Our oatmeal mix contains: organic gluten free steelcut oats, organic flax seed (ground), organic raisins, organic cinnamon, organic coconut sugar, sea salt.  No addional additives or flavorings.

We cook it on the stovetop for approximately 10 minutes.

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