Our Go-To Salve

“You should put some salve on that!” Whenever anyone has any sort of cut, scrape, burn or skin ailment, those are the first words that everyone in our immediate and extended family have heard me say.  Hey, I can’t help myself, we have a salve that seems to be nothing short of miraculous. I have been known to slather this…


4-H Lozenges

Finally, I get to tell you all about the natural, homemade throat lozenges I made. I set out to make these 3 weeks ago, and I finally got around to the actual making part last week. Now, before I continue on and explain why these are 4-H Lozenges, I want to take a few lines of text to explain a…


Spring Prep – Stay Away

No, this isn’t about lining up our home-school curriculum for the spring. However, now that I think about it, I probably should be putting some energy that direction real soon. (I have been neglecting that chore for a bit now,  halfheartedly hoping that kiddo will step up and do it herself.) And this post really isn’t asking you to stay…